BWoody TRX 5" Velocity Plus Intake

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Brand: BWoody


Fits 2021 TRX Models


BWoody Intake Tube
Standard 5" Filter (Color may vary)
Silicone Reducing coupler
Assembly Hardware
Detailed instructions
UPGRADED FILTER OPTION: Green Filter + 3" Longer than Standard Filter (+37 CFM Gain)

Flow bench results as follows:

OEM intake - 1253 CFM @ 28" of water

BWoody Velocity Plus intake with dry charger - 1558.1 CFM @ 28" of water

BWoody Gain: 305.1 CFM !!!!!!!!!!!

Color pictured: Mopar Orange (Custom)

Standard colors are silver and wrinkle black, couplers are black.
IAT Harness:

Our IAT MAP Harness is used to prevent an intake over temperature code.

This code has been reported by customers whom reside in warmer areas of the country. (Dry heat)

IAT Harness retails $89.95 - Original purchasers of this intake can call to order harness seperately if needed.

NOTE: May require a custom tune to receive optimal performance gains.

Disclaimer: This product is for intended for off road use only.

WARNING: This product in the physical form it is sold does not present a hazard. However; operations including; but not limited to welding; brazing; or thermal cutting can expose you to chemicals including Chromium; Nickel; Cobalt; Arsenic; Cadmium and Lead which are known to the State Of California to cause cancer; birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information go to - this item is not carb compliant.

Special Ordered item - Cannot be cancelled.

BWoody TRX 5" Velocity Plus Intake

BWoody TRX 5" Velocity Plus Intake