Z Automotive Tazer 2018 - 2022 Durango /Jeep Grand Cherokee


Brand: Z Automotive


2018+ Models: Due to the addition of a security module, a bypass is REQUIRED (and included) for the Tazer to function!


Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee

3.6, 5.7, 6.4, 6.2

Feature enable: The Tazer can unlock SRT Drive modes, including Track, Valet, ECO (2015-18 Scat Pack), enable factory Sport Mode (5 speed and 8 speed), SRT EVIC Performance pages, and SRT performance pages* in the Uconnect radio. Enable paddle shifters if you add the factory paddle-equipped steering wheel. Enable factory fog lights and backup camera & grid lines. Disable TPMS. Change DRL’s. Enable Shift Light on 2015+ (6.4L). Disable in motion navigation lockout. Disable seatbelt reminder chime. And more, see installation and operation manual or FAQ/Feature Chart.

Line Lock: Press 2 steering wheel buttons while stopped, and the ABS valves will hold the vehicle with the front brakes so you can hit the gas and do a perfect burnout as long as you wish, with no wear on the rear brakes. No plumbing required! This is an ideal alternative to the traditional plumbed-in solenoid type line lock/roll control. Super simple and cannot be detected! When Line Lock is in use, it temporarily disables traction control and for AWD cars, keeps the car in RWD mode.

Light Shows: Using the key fob or steering wheel buttons and added dash menu, turn on a light show that flashes the exterior lights in 9 different patterns – there are 6 pre-configured patterns and 3 make-your-own. Perfect for car shows and parades. (can be unlocked for in-motion use, only for legal emergency use. Contact tech support for instructions)

Force Engine Mode: Allows you to choose which engine mode to stay in. Very useful on 2015+, where you want the active exhaust to remain open with increased throttle response without the transmission being in track mode.

Force Transmission Mode: Allows you to choose which transmission mode to stay in.

Force Power Mode: Force key mode (Black/Red/Valet) For Hellcats, you can force red key performance while using the black key. For most 2015+, you can force valet mode.

Startup Drive Mode: Like driving in Sport or Track mode every time you get in your car? Tazer can set the startup drive mode for you, so you don’t need to switch modes every time you get in the car.

Auto stop-start Disable: If you have a Grand Cherokee or Durango with Auto StopStart, you may find it annoying and want it to default OFF. The Tazer can do this for you, no need to press that disable button every time you start the car.

Steering Wheel shifting**(SWS): Allows you to use your steering wheel’s cruise+/- buttons to manually control gear shift while keeping your hands on the wheel. SWS mode is enabled after placing the vehicle in AutoStick mode using the console shifter. Once in AutoStick, use the cruise buttons to shift (only when cruise control is turned off)! This feature can be enabled or disabled at any time using the steering wheel buttons.

AutoUpshift**: Set your own shift points when in AutoStick – Using steering wheel buttons or ZPU Utility, dial in any RPM for upshifts in AutoStick mode – perfect for high-power high-revving track use. This feature requires that “sport mode” is enabled (2012-2014 only).

Peak RPM Display: Will display actual shift RPMs after each shift – great when adjusting AutoUpshift to squeeze every last bit out of that high revving cam, or to check what RPM you hit when shifting manually.

0 to 30 and 0 to 60 Timer: Will display 0 to 30 and 0 to 60 times on EVIC display. Good for the 2011’s that can’t enable SRT pages.

Force AWD modes: On AWD models, force the AWD system to stay in RWD or AWD, instead of letting the car decide on its own. Good for racing, drifting, etc. Or set it back to “normal” whenever you wish.

Reset Adaptives: Will reset TCM adaptives any time you wish with a simple push of the “BACK” and cruise on/off buttons.

ESP full on/off: Press and hold the ESP button for 7 seconds to TOTALLY disable the ESP, ABS, AWD systems. Press and hold again to turn it back on.

Remote Windows: Raise and lower front windows from the keyfob 'experimental'.

Button Remapping: Use the Adaptive Cruise distance buttons (when ACC is off), or install “Aux” buttons or viper cruise button bank and map the buttons for quick access to many of Tazer’s functions.

Video Inputs (RA3/4): The tazer can enable extra video inputs for a front camera or video player. Or both. Check out our AV Cables or Video. The AV Cables are needed to add video and audio feeds.

Check out the user guide for details.
*Uconnect performance pages on 8.4″ Uconnect only (2012-2014). EVIC SRT menu and Sport Mode are available on the 4.3″ screen.
**not on 8-speed vehicles.

INSTALLATION IS A SIMPLE MATTER OF PLUGGING IT INTO THE DIAGNOSTIC OBD2 PORT, 2018 and up require installing Double Bypass harness.

Z Automotive Tazer 2018 - 2022 Durango /Jeep Grand Cherokee

Z Automotive Tazer 2018 - 2022 Durango /Jeep Grand Cherokee